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Car Rental Inc. introduces Self Drive Car Rental in Goa, the professional, outstanding car rental service in travelers’ paradise. A handsome number of foreigners and Indians prefer to visit Goa. Watersports, trance parties, bike riding, hiking, trekking, kayaking, cruise riding, casino, fishing, suntanning what's not available in Goa. The ‘pearl of orient’ Goa has more than seventy beaches in total. Adventure and party enthusiasts frequent some particular beaches whereas those who desire to spend some peaceful and quality time on seashores also visit other particular beaches. Although all of these beaches aren't near each other, they are scattered all over Goa. To experience almost everything in minimum duration, you definitely require to approach our self-driven car rental in Goa. The self drive cars Rental in Goa of Car rental Inc have got the largest network, dial our telephone/mobile number from anywhere in Goa.

There are multiple potential reasons why Goa is a priority among travelers. The tiniest province of India attracts around thirty lakhs of tourists throughout every single year. But Goa’s public transportation system is insufficient to provide service to so many people. Car rental Inc.’s Self Driving Car in Goa is the most advantageous alternative to re-discover Goa since they provide properly maintained vehicles on rent at affordable charges. With our self-driven car rental in Goa, you can comfortably drive yourself to any location of your preference irrespective of time. Majority of the travelers have frequented Goa numerous times. Therefore, it is obvious that they come with different travel schedules every time. Every single travel plan includes some particular locations of Goa, not the entire Goa. Our self drive car rental in Goa service is an excellent solution for travelers. Because it sounds appropriate to schedule your journey independently with a rented car.

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Goa has got several beautiful wildlife sanctuaries which you can find in various corners of Goa from South Goa to North Goa’s. If you wish to visit them one after another, you better approach for our Self-Driving Car in Goa. Because we will help you to successfully complete your journey within a minimum possible duration. When it comes to wildlife sanctuaries of Goa, the one that you should definitely visit is the well-renowned Salim Ali bird sanctuary, named after popular ornithologist of India who was awarded by Padma Bhushan and Padma Bibhushan awards by the government of India. Salim Ali bird sanctuary is located in Panaji. According to various research reports, foreign tourists prefer to re-discover Goa all by themselves that is why self-drive Car Rental in Goa is extremely important and absolutely relevant.

Apart from bird sanctuaries, there are different places which are ideal for trekking, hiking, kayaking etcetera. Interestingly these places are comparatively less celebrated. Therefore, if you depend on the local transportation system, their irregularity and infrequency may disappoint you or local drivers may ask for arbitrary amounts. To eliminate these inconveniences, contact Car rental Inc and avail our Self Drive Car Rental in Goa's professional service. Self Drive Car Rental in Goa

is also ideal to experience the extremely appreciated nightlife of Goa. Goa houses some of Asia’s magnificent nightclubs, generally frequented by foreign nationals. Besides, India's party capital Goa has got numerous pubs and lounges. Party animals, couples frequent these places to enjoy the electrifying madness. After sunset when darkness envelops entire Goa, these places become brighter. What can be more beneficial for you than our Self Drive Car Rental Goa Airport 24x7 service? Contact Goa Cars Inc.’s Car rental in Goa ASAP!


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The Self Driven Car Rental in Goa is extremely beneficial for tourists. Tourists come to Goa with different schedules. Some people come with restricted schedules some other come with long schedules. But irrespective of the length of one’s schedule tourists need to have their own self drive car rental service to explore Goa within limited budget and time. Even if you have enough time, a self-driven car rental service will enable you to enjoy more of Goa. Car rental service in Goa is the only Self-Driven car rental in Goa service that provides professionals service at unbelievable rates. At the same time, we don’t compromise with quality.

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Good quality cars

Our collection is rich with a large variety of cars from various popular ranges. We keep various types of cars in our stock to meet expectations of different people. Because not all customers come with same budget expectations or luggage. However, irrespective of brands all the cars that we provide on rent are in excellent conditions.

Free delivery

The Self Drive Car Rental in Goa reaches your favorite car to your location for free. We don’t ask for delivery charges. Sop, you don’t have to travel all the way to our location. Moreover, one you are done with your ride, you need to dial our number. And we will come to collect the bike from you.


In our business, punctuality is a very important factor. People have plans on their minds, therefore they must not wait for along. The Self Driving Car in Goa understands your requirement and therefore reaches at you as quick as possible. Especially, when tourists land on Goa airport, because of tiring exhaustion.

Wide Network

Our network is the largest one in Goa. It is widespread from the extreme South of Goa to North. Therefore. Feel free to contact us from anywhere in Goa. Because of such a huge network, we are able to reach at you at quickest. Margao, Thivim, Panjim, Canacona, Salecete, Arambol, Vasco you will find us in everywhere.

Online booking

Yes, of course you can dial our number to get a car on rent. At the same time online booking is also possible. Just visit our website to book a Self Drive Car Hire in Goa. Or there is one more way, download our app on your smartphone. Online booking will help you to save more money.

24x7 availability

The car rental service in Goa’s Self Drive Car Rental in Goa is ready to host you even on midnight. You can avail our service for 24x7. Therefore, you don’t need to limit your schedule for unavailability of vehicles at night or in early morning. The truth is Goa brightens up after sunset. Why should you go to bed early?


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Apart from all other aspects Goa has got a rich history and a lot of historical monuments which will remind you of older days of Goa. Some of the tourists are more interested in these historical museums and monuments. Aguada fort, Chapora fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus are few to be named. Old Goa is full of such type of churches and Portuguese architectures. However, both the districts of Goa south and north has got a lot of historical ruins. Plus, there are many Hindu temple and Mosques in various parts of Goa. Here again, you can’t explore all those places with barely depending on local transport, you just need to get a Car on Rent. Car rental Inc is your best option. Among all other Self Driven Car Rental in Goa, Car rental Inc provides cars at most competitive rates and they provide 24×7 Self-drive cars in Goa Airport service. They come with a large variety of cars so that you can have more options and all of the cars are well maintained. Car Rental Inc. is driven by a professional bunch of guys. Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus church is located in Velha Goa which is called old Goa. This old Goa used to be the capital of the Portuguese, during the colonial days of Goa. This church is most famous for the preserved mortal remaining of St Francis Xavier. St. Francis Xavier was a seventeenth-century Christian scholar. After every ten years, the church authority brings the body of St Francis Xavier to public. People from various corner of the world come here to witness the mommy of the saint. Besides, the majestic architecture of the building is worth a visit.

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Se Cathedral

This beautiful white church is located in the old Goa like Basilica of Bom Jesus. The purpose of building this church was to celebrate the victory of a Portuguese ruler over a Muslim ruler. Se Cathedral church was built during the beginning of the sixteenth century. The architecture of the Se Cathedral church is a mixture of the Portuguese, the Greek, and the Tuscan style. A majestic building is a must visit historical place in Goa. There is a large Golden bell inside the church which is claimed to be the largest one in Goa. In colonial days many Goans were baptized here.

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Corjuem fort Goa

Like Reis Magos Fort, the Corjuem fort is also located in Bardez. This ultimate historical location in Goa is hardly 12 kilometers away from the capital Panjim. This fort was built by the Portuguese at the beginning of the eighteenth century to enhance their military power. Though as compared to the other forts of Goa, this fort is the smallest one. As per historians the fort has survived many battles and is comparatively less damaged. The rebel Portuguese woman named Ursula Lancastre who disguised herself as a man was captured here. A very significant story to remember in Goa’s Portuguese history.